Why Get Oil Changes?

Oil Change

Because you like your car and want to keep it on the road…

Well besides that, the other reasons to get oil changes; it improves engine performance, extends engine life, and improves gas mileage.

Why you should…

  • Over time oil breaks down due to high operating temperature. This causes the oil to become a less effective lubricant in your engine.
  • Oil can absorb water and dust and hold them in suspension. This can remain in the engine and can cause corrosion.
  • Oil contains additives that can neutralize acids. Over time, they stop being as effective.

If you don’t…

  • Dirt will accumulate in the oil and the filter will get clogged.
  • Dirty oil is thick and abrasive, so it causes more wear.
  • As the oil gets dirtier and dirtier and the additives wear out, it will stop lubricating and the engine will wear and eventually fail.

If you do…

  • Your gas mileage will increase, which will mean less visits to fill up your tank.
  • The performance of your car will improve.
  • You can keep your vehicle longer.
  • A regularly scheduled oil change is the least expensive way to protect your engine.

At Stop N Go Automotive, we know the importance of scheduled maintenance, including oil changes. You don’t have to go to a quick stop or the dealer. Our technicians are ASE Certified. Don’t worry about your warranty, it’s safe here at SNG.


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