11/20/2017 JonesNeonDisplays Awesome as always.
11/20/2017 Jennifer White Fantastic service as always. No other automotive centre compares to the service and trust that Stop N' Go provides.
11/18/2017 Cheri Plaskon I think as always the Stop N Go team give me very good service. I really trust their judgement on my car. Thanks, very much
11/18/2017 George Whitehouse Great job as per usual if i win the gift card put it under your xmas tree for a person in need
11/16/2017 JaniceAndDoug Agnew Efficient, honest appraisal of work neede or not needed yet.
11/16/2017 Brenda Bradstreet Great service
11/11/2017 Mihai Broscatean Your text here...
11/9/2017 Mark Johnston Your text here...
11/9/2017 John Finstad attention to detail and explanations was upfront and appreciated. Glad that we found such a well run and personable family operation.
11/4/2017 Alex Toutov Very professional service. Great people. I would recommend it to everyone
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